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             Sula, a story about the presence and absence of family and friendship. The theme of the novel is the question of right versus wrong or good versus bad; but the conventional ideas of good and evil are turned upside in Sula. Throughout the book, Sula is judged to be bad by the society that surrounds her, while Nel is thought to be the picture of goodness; as a result, Sula sees herself as evil, while Nel judges herself to be good. At the end of the novel, however, Nel reveals that she has an evil heart, while Sula's heart is really much purer. From Sula's point of view, the theme of love and death, and family and friendship is consistently reflected through out the lives of the protagonist Sula Peace, and foils, Nel Wright and Shadrack.
             The plot within the frame narrative is developed in a traditional pattern. Sula is .
             introduced in the third section, and the rest of the book centers on her and her friendship with Nel, which constitutes the rising action of the plot. In the seventh chapter, Nel marries, causing Sula to leave The Bottom for ten years. Part One of the novel ends with .
             Sula's departure. .
             When Sula returns to Medallion, Part Two begins, and the plot resumes and moves rapidly toward Sula's death. She betrays Nel by sleeping with Jude in the eighth section; the community in the ninth section; and in the tenth section vilifies her, she dies, .
             believing her life had no meaning or purpose. In the eleventh chapter, Nel visits Eva and is forced to admit that she was probably more evil than Sula. Additionally, Shadrack reveals the meaning that Sula had in his life. .
             Toni Morrison was born as Chloe Wofford on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, near Cleveland. Growing up in a culturally diverse neighborhood, she felt little racism. Although poor, her father had a regular job in the shipyards, and her mother .
             stayed home to raise and nurture the children. .
             To help pay for Toni's education, her father worked three jobs.

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