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             In her novel, Sula, Toni Morrison uses the archetype of the dual self through the friendship of Sula and Nel: the two characters are a part of each other. A pattern occurs in the novel because Sula and Nel are co-dependent. Nel and Sula were so close that they often knew what the other was thinking. For example, one day they were out playing in the grass and they dug holes about the same exact size, and not once did they look up at each other: "Sula lifted her head and joined Nel in the grass play. In concert, without ever meeting each other's eyes, they stroke the blades up and down" (pg.58). They were also so alike and often had the same thoughts that it was hard to distinguish who was who in a conversation. .
             "Well, if you change your mind call me.".
             "Somebody need killin"?".
             "Half this town need it.".
             "And the other half?".
             "A drawn-out disease.".
             Even Nel confesses that, "Talking with Sula had always been a conversation with herself."(pg.95) One of the advantages of friendship is being able to know what your friend is thinking without even asking.
             Each possesses qualities that the other lacked. They complete each other. Each girl was an only child and used the other to grow. They find in each other's eyes the intimacy they were looking for:"Their friendship was as intense as it was sudden. They found relief in each other's personality"(pg.53) Sula and Nel are basically soul mates. Nel and Sula complement each other physically and emotionally. Nel is light-colored, almost like the color of sand; in contrast, Sula is a rich, earthy brown. Nel is the picture of innocence and purity; Sula has a birthmark, shaped like a rose, on her eyelid, which gives her a mysterious appearance. Although basically different, the two girls complement each other and understand one another instantly and intimately. .
             Throughout the book both Nel and Sula fill roles that support what the other is lacking. For example when the girls were 12 they had an encounter with a group of boys who were harassing Nel on their way home from school.

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