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The Consequences of War

             President Saddam Hussein if Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction but a US-led .
             attack on Iraq had even greater consequences. We should not have gone to war for the .
             simple fact that, as with most conflicts, the wrong people will be paying for the .
             irresponsible actions of a select few.
             The Iraqi people may want to remove Saddam Hussein from presidency but prefer .
             their own president over any foreigner running their country. The term 'regime change' .
             does not adequately describe the concept of what we would have expected to achieve as a .
             result of this military campaign in Iraq. No government has produced hard evidence .
             proving that Iraq currently possess the capability to deploy chemical, biological, or nuclear .
             weapons of mass destruction. Nor the proof that the biological weapons programs exist, .
             or if it does, that Saddam Hussein is planning to use biological warfare on his neighbors or.
             the United States. Our relationship in the region are in major disrepair, not to point where .
             we can fix them, but it was the wrong time. We may have created a backlash to regimes .
             that are friendly to us. .
             Iraq cannot afford to rebuild its infrastructure under oil-for-food program or under .
             provisions of so-called sanctions. The infrastructure is so degraded that reconstruction .
             could cost as much as an estimated $50 billion to $100 billion. Iraqi people depend on the .
             comprehensive government food rationing system for food and yet, they continue to .
             starve. Water sanitation facilities, electrical grids, communication lines, and educational .
             resources will remain permanently degraded until the sanctions are lifted. The crumbling .
             water and sewage systems require radical overhaul and immediate attention is crucial. The .
             number of unemployed civilians increased at an extremely high rate while those who .
             continue to work cannot afford to support their own families. Termination of sanctions .
             combined with capital investment is essential to help rebuild the country.

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