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Reasons and Consequences of the Cold War

            Background and During the Cooling of Relations .
             The Second World War drastically changed the political map of the world, and especially the European continent. The basic premises of the new alignment of the world developed in the final stages of the war. The anti-Hitler coalition, the main role which played the great powers - the US, the USSR, England, and at the last stage of the war France - increasingly reflect the new balance of power in the world. Neither Britain nor France, nor even, defeated Germany could not play in the post-war period of the previous role of the guarantor of balance and stability on the European continent.
             The international prestige of the United States and the Soviet Union, extraordinarily increased by the end of the war as a result of the huge separation from other countries in the military, economic and political fields, contributed to strengthening of the international situation and the formation of a bipolar system of international relations. The process of its formation stretched for a whole decade. However, at the initial stage of this balance of power is not supposed confrontation between the major powers. Initially, symbolizing her "Yalta-Potsdam order" associated rather with "conspiracy stronger than their opposition," but this trend has not received further development in international relations, despite the fact that it is possible to maintain the relationship between the two folding camp on verge of a "cold peace," without giving him slip to the "cold war.".
             A certain amount of responsibility for rocked the confrontation between the USSR and the United States lies with Britain, France and Germany, was jealous of her new role in international affairs and are seeking to increase their weight in world politics through various political intrigues, which aimed to sow mistrust between the superpowers (the term which emphasizes the new alignment of forces in the world).

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