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             Edmonton is the city capital of Alberta, Canada, and it is located in central Alberta. Its absolute location is latitude 53 34N and longitude 113 25W. The main landforms are lowlands and plains and the city has rivers, marshes and seasonal lakes as their water forms. The climate is great for people who want to have a variety of seasons. The winters are long, dry and relatively dry, and the temperature ranges from -17 C to -8 C, and summer is warm and beautiful, the temperature goes from 15 C to 31 C. The city is mainly urban and you can enjoy a variety of high order services. The average precipitation is 461 mm (18.2 in). Precipitation mainly falls in summer, which produces excellent growing conditions for grain, oilseed, and pasture. The drinking quality of Edmonton is way better than the National Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality recommended by Health Canada. Edmonton is full of wonderful attractions. The West Edmonton Mall, a modern shopping and entertainment complex that is the biggest mall in the world. The Edmonton Garrison, the largest military base in western Canada. Other notable features of Edmonton and its surrounding area are the Space and Science Centre; the Skyreach Centre, where the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL) play; Commonwealth Stadium, which attracts international sporting events and is the home field for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL). When you are sick you don't have to worry because Edmonton ranks 4th out of all of the Canadian cities, which is amazing. The public safety is very high so you don't have to worry! There is a lot of multiculturalism in Edmonton which means there are different cultures and ethnics which makes it a good place to live in. For people who came to Edmonton for education opportunities you are in luck because there are a lot of great universities and colleges that you can chose from.

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