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Strength in Numbers

             People tend to migrate towards others with whom they share a commonality. This is evident in social, work or school settings. It is natural that students of Gallaudet College felt at ease among each other. They are among people who can identify with the their unique challenges of everyday life. There is no fear of judgment by someone who has experienced the same hardships. .
             Helen Keller has helped give students the ability to claim what is rightfully theirs. People have a right to make their own decisions. Although her parents forbid her from making her own decisions, she laid the groundwork for overcoming stereotypes. However, in doing so she alienated some of the same people she was trying to help. Ms. Keller has had the opportunity to help society understand what it is like to be different. Unfortunately, a proper woman in her time did not speak badly or complain about their situation. By always putting her best foot forward, maintaining a cheery disposition and pleasant smile "in the face of adversity" it appears she took her differences in stride (Kleege 277). Ms. Keller never took the time to write about how tragic it was that the people she loved forced her to live differently than other women in her generation. .
             In some ways this may have encourage societies need to take care of people with differences. For many people reading about Ms. Keller was the first opportunity they had to experience what it would be like to live with a disability. Since she never pushed for her independence and accepted the fact that she was to be taken care of, people who have read her story may believe that this is acceptable. In fact, she appeared to take it in stride when her parents forbid her to marry the man that she loved. People generally desire the best for others and they do not want to see them get hurt. However, if you do not let the ones that you love try to accomplish things on their own, you will never know how far they can go.

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