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Eleanore Roosevelt

            Ealeanore Roosevelt's People Contributions.
             Amercia was in need of a leader - a peoples leader, a spokeperson. They found that leader/spokeperseon in Eleanore Roosevelt (ER). Actually ER found them. Eleanore Roosevelt came into the forefront of Amercian history wanting to make changes for the people, real changes. Her most notbale contributions to the people were the National Youth Administration (NYA), Women's City Club of New York, and The Wagner Act. ER was always in-tune with the youth of Amercia. She felt that without youth in Amercia to guide our future, there would no Amercia for the future.
             Duirng the depression years, Eleanore Roosevelt saw huge numbers of umemployed youths. She feared that continued unemployment coupled with near poverty would scar the youths forever. She had to accompish something to ensure the youths of America had an active life in the community and felt they were neccessary. Working closely with her husband, and through her persistence, President Roosevelt estbalished the National Youth Administration (NYA). This New Deal program was designed specifically to help the unemployed youth during the depression. The NYA helped the youths by providing grants to high school and college and in return, the youths would work. Secondly, the NYA created a Federally funded on-the-job training program for the unemployed youths. This training was to ensure the youths had maketable skills for future employment. Eleanor Roosevelt became the NYA public leader and took the most joy in creating these programs.
             Eleanore Roosevelt was an active member of the Women's City Club of New York. This organization helped women's right to vote and promoted access to birth control. Eventually, the club shifted its attention from the rights of women to the rights of children. The Women's City Club of New York eventually helped change New York's child labor laws and lobbied for to reform the states juvenile system.

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