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Roosevelt and the New Deal

            Roosevelt's New Deal was implemented when he was elected into office in the early 1930s. Roosevelt wanted to alleviate the impact of the great depression by introducing the three R's, Relief, Recovery, and Reform. FDR was successful to a certain extent; however, he was not able to completely reduce the country's economic instability. Because of the acts implemented during Roosevelt's relief, recovery, and reform program, he was able to provide jobs to the unemployed, recover the banking system, and reform so that the public would trust the government once again. .
             During the early 1930s, Roosevelt was elected; he immediately attempted to provide relief to the U.S. by establishing several acts to alleviate the economic instability in the U.S. Roosevelt enforced the bank holiday to stop the panic at the time. He also enforced the Emergency Banking Act, which closed insolvent banks and reopened solvent banks. Roosevelt also established FERA in his relief program. This provided the economically unstable with cash for immediate relief. Additionally, the CWA provided temporary jobs to those who did not want to receive handouts from the government. Roosevelt's relief programs were established to bring the country to a more stable state. .
             Roosevelt also introduced several new acts to recover the country's economy. Roosevelt established the AAA; the government directly gave money to the farmers in payment for not growing food. Roosevelt implemented this so that the food prices would go up because of the decrease in production as aimed to create a flow of money in the economy. Roosevelt also enforced the NRA to establish the rules and regulations of business practices. The NRA increased wages, stabilized work hours, and attempted to regulate businesses; however, the NRA was soon deemed unconstitutional. Roosevelt also established the WPA, which provided long-term government jobs to the unemployed. The jobs called for building schools and working on public improvement projects.

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