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The new deal

            The first and second New Deals played very important part in American history. They did not only help the country restore and recover from the Great Depression but also brought a lot of hope to all American citizens. The federal government expanded its role in social and economic areas and became larger and more powerful. The government created many reforms and Acts in order to protect and recover the economy as a whole by decreasing unemployment and helping farmers as well. Roosevelt did everything he could in order to accomplish this during his presidency, and in a way he achieved what he wanted. The Great Depression was a very hard time and changing the country was a very hard task for him. .
             The first New Deals purpose was short-term relief, and also Roosevelt's first attempt to improve the economy. He did a financial reform by creating Acts like the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which permitted stable banks to reopen and provided managers to those who remained in trouble. Which helped restore banking confidence within American people. Other financial programs included the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), and the Agriculture Adjustment Administration (AAA), which their main purpose was to recover and regulate the market. But the NIRA and AAA only worked for a short time because prices had subsided and taxpayers ended up paying for it. In order to relieve widespread distress the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was created. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) gave money to states in the form of grants, but this relief was only temporary. .
             In the second New Deal focused on long-term maintenance. Roosevelt called the legislation passed during the Second New Deal must legislation. The Wagner Act prohibited employers from interfering with union activities and gave workers the right to bargain through unions of their own choice.

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