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"If you are ugly-repulsive you

            "If you are ugly-repulsive you can not be completely happy".
             I do agree that good birth and beauty are important components to happiness. Moreover, I also think that if you are ugly repulsive you can not be completely happy and that good birth and beauty aren't superficial, that they are happen here and right now in our sociality. .
             Based on a history and present life in our times I think that good birth is important component to be really happy in life. At the beginning I want to say that I put an equal sign between being born in a good family and being a rich person. I don't know from my own experience how to be a rich person, but I can imagine that for most of the cases has to be a lot simpler that for a person in similar financial situation to my own. Money is a tool that can make everyone's life easier, and more enjoyable. Let me go to extreme and visualize that I have a purchasing power to buy all the material and physical goods I want in the world. However, regardless all of that I still haven't found my "second half," which would make me a truly happy person. In that case I think that money would give me a lot of opportunity to meet new people. I would have a much more free time and I would be able to meet more people than the regular person because I wouldn't have to worry about things like a job and future. Going forward if I would be able to do that there would be also in that scenario based on statistic a greater chance for me to find "my love". I am not saying that you can't be happy without having the money, but money really helps and there is no doubt about it. We have never heard about people complaining about because he or she had too much money. People mentality is .
             constructed in that way that almost all of us want to have as much money as we can. We are even able to give away happiness for the perspective of having more money. However, in the other hand you can also say that money can cause some problems too.

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