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Porno a right or right

             Today many older adults are illiterate when it comes to computers so they don't seem to have a clue as to what can be found on them. Then again there are those who do know what to find and where to find it and use their computers for pure evil. I"m talking about pornography on the Internet; this has become one of today's major issues. Is it all right?.
             Web surfers can find pornographic sites which are indexed: hetero or homosexual, single or group activities, teens children, thin fat, and even though who still have it. Sites include photos and some even off videos for a hefty per minute charge. There are even live sites in which a person can command their "model" to do whatever they want. .
             Many people ask, "Why can't people exchange nude photos electronically if they want to? Or watch people having sex on line if they offer their services? Some nudity is even considered art. So what's the problem? Americans have the right to freedom of speech under the first amendment. So why is it illegal? There is a fine line as to what is acceptable and what is illegal, sick and immoral. To many sex sites are harmless, what is disturbing about these sites are the ones that feature bondage, torture rape and bestiality (humans having sex with animals), Judging from the number of sites there are many people who get off on such sickness.
             People who spend time on certain sites tend to form chat rooms. Chat rooms are perfectly innocent when they center on normal things like music, school, etc. But chat rooms that center on how to torture women are another thing, how can lessons on how to seduce grade school children or exchanging the delights of having sex with a three year old considered normal and ok?.
             Due to complaint from "normal concerned American" the state and federal government have passed laws against child pornography on the Internet. .
             The FBI has set up string operations in effort to catch those who speak and try to seduce children into meeting with them at some time or another.

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