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Today's Laws

            First off I"ll will be discussing about privacy and technology, this means yours and mine, how much does and should the government know about us and are private lives? Sadly the government probably knows more then we think, and the way they can get the information on us that they want is easy, they look through your reported files, know I am meaning every day to day file. For example: Any Companies that you have or are working for, when you do your banking, or fill out any types of loans, like, car loan, credit cards or credit loans, and these are just a few places the government can go. Now for the most part the government looks over the people that have been convicted of a serious crime, and those that are suspected of illegal actions. But with the good comes the bad, the government also watches everyone else, now what I mean by this is that were just under surveillance. For example: 'Wiretapping' this action is used for interception of telephone conversations between two wires, for business relations to see how the employees handle the customer, and also to make sure they were reliable to their company. Unfortunately because of the technology that we have today there is a lot more ways the government, as well as other services, can keep an eye and or ear on us. Some of these things are something like this; contemporary wiretaps that can manifest themselves into radio links, telephone switches, and computer networking systems. Plus they can also, tap into other forms of electronic communication, such as faxes, e-mails, and data transfers. Such methods of electronic surveillance are very powerful tools, allowing the law enforcement to detect criminal conspiracies and present the "retrieved" information as hard evidence of wrongdoing. But doesn't this seem wrong, like eavesdropping on a phone call that's not yours, and the two people that your listening to have no idea that your there.

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