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             There are some good parts in the movie concerning with the Setting and Cinematography.
             The best part is in the court where the last scene of the move displayed. When two main characters stood face to face, one is an antagonist and one is the protagonist. Just when the scene got more intense, the camera zoom close into Jack Nicholson's face showing him angry and ready to attack Tom Cruise. Also the camera zoom close into Tom Cruise's face showing him doing his job and showing his cunning looks through his face. That part is where the audience is really glued to the setting of the court. Zooming in the two characters" face in the court scene revealing the personality of each character in the movie, because Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson are such good actors, the director can zoom into their face allowing the audiences to see who has the good personality and who has bad personality. The audience can just look into their eyes when the camera zoom close in. There is an old saying in Vietnamese, "Look straight into a person eyes, is like looking into the window of their soul." By that people can judge weather the person they are dealing with is good or bad. .
             This movie shows the setting of Daniel Kaffee's home; his home is not clean or neat. This fit with his personality. As we can see that Daniel Kaffee's personality is funny, angry and cunning. He likes to wear regular clothes not military clothes, so when ever there is a setting in Kaffee's home we can see it is always a mess and not bright as the military base, or not bright as the office in the military. .

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