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Frightening Lifetime Experienc

             I thought my first family outing would be my last. My brother Frank, my two sisters Diane and Lenora, our mom, and I were at Tinkers creek in Valley View, Ohio, a couple of miles from home, enjoying a family day out at the park and having a picnic. The sun was brightly shinning through the deep ocean blue sky, and the lush green summer colors echoed throughout the landscape. It was a perfect warm summer day for a picnic. I was six at the time and had a lot of energy racing through my young body. Always, I had to explore and touch everything in my sight. This day, however, to me proved that seeing might be better than touching. .
             It all began when my sisters, brother, mother, and I decided to go on the nature trail for a walk through the woods. The trail was beside a slow running creek which was heavily wooded with maple trees. The sun glittered through the tree openings which abundantly filled the sky above. Frank and I were leading the way down the trail as our sisters and mom were following closely behind. As we continued to walk down the trail I discovered an old tree stump on the pathway. It seemed out of place on the path, sticking out in the middle, almost waiting for someone to trip over it, so I decided to kick it off the trail and back into the heavy brush. As we moved closer to the stump, I ran up to it and kicked it. Within seconds a swarm of bees formed an army and flew out to attack us. There were thousands of angry bees flying all around our heads. My mom and sisters were screaming at the top of their lungs in utter terror, and Frank and I took off running as fast as we could in the opposite direction. We never looked back and didn't stop running until we almost collapsed from exhaustion. .
             Furthermore we realized that we didn't have a clue as to where we were or as to how to get back. Both Frank and I felt our hearts racing out of our chests and we were in complete terror not having our mom around to comfort us.

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