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             Handguns in America are constant hot topic in both the political field and within the community across the nation. We hear a lot of points presented by both anti-gun and pro-gun supporters frequently. Examples of such argumentative issues are presented in Deborah Mathis" "Tiny Killer Says Lots about Handguns", and Michael S. Brown's "Handgun Freedom." .
             Deborah Mathis states that she is against handguns circulating freely around America. She tells us that children are being shot almost everyday, and most of the times by another child of the same age who "accidentally" found the weapon. Mathis also talks about the fact that proliferation of guns is not a deterrent to violence. She acknowledges the stance of pro-gun supporters but states that promoting guns "defy logic." The more guns that are being circulated means easy access to everyone, especially children. The main point Deborah Mathis is getting at, is that the more guns that are freely available nationwide result in higher percentages of children having access to them, and god forbid the result. .
             Michael Brown in his piece is for freedom of handgun possession nationwide. Brown's argument starts out by describing the endless harassment women in America suffer at the hands of rapists, robbers, etc. Brown feels that the possession of a gun is the "only weapon that will permit a small woman to protect herself from the biggest, strongest man." Brown also feels the repeated use of "sensible gun laws", "the children", are used for hiding the "flaws in their logic." He states that gun accidents are at an all-time low and that anti-gun supporters use propaganda to promote fear amongst citizens. Michael Brown also demonstrates a valid point where he states that if all handguns were somehow removed "offenders would substitute other, more brutal ways against their victims." The main point Brown is getting at is handguns are not the sole reason of violence across the nation, and that we should not being scared of the propaganda displayed on television by anti-gun supporters.

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