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Is Animal Farma fable?

             Before starting this essay I would like to give a short definition about what is a fable. "A fable is a short, pithy animal tale, most often told or written with a moral tagged on in the form of a proverb. Thus to convey a moral is the aim of most fables, and the tale is the vehicle by which this is done, providing both an illustration of and compelling argument for the moral."(http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/faq/blfaq-fable.htm). On the first place, I will give the points that "Animal Farm" has in common with a fable. Afterwards, I will give the points that "Animal Farm" doesn't have in common with a fable.
             To begin with I would like to say that from my point of view "Animal Farm" is a fable, and I will support this affirmation with some points that I will explain in the following lines. Firstly, I would like to say that in every fable animals must talk; in "Animal Farm" every animal speaks, and I think that it is not necessary to give any example. Secondly, every fables aim is to leave a message, this mean that has a moral. "Animal Farm" has a lot of messages. One message is the message of "loyalty", this is shown by George Orwell when it says "Boxer was forgotten except for the ones who had known him" (Chapter 5, page 85, paragraph 2, line 4). A second message given by the author is the message of "leadership", and this is shown in the personality and speeches of Old Mayor, Napoleon, and Snowball. Another message is the one of "Perseverance", this is shown by the author as from chapter 6 when Napoleon decides to start building the windmill, and every animal does something to reach this goal. .
             The only point against "Animal Farm is a fable" is that fables are usually short stories witch are transmitted by speaking, and "Animal Farm" is a quite large text and is written and rarely transmitted by speaking.
             To conclude I would like to say that I am in favor of the following affirmation "Animal Farm is a Fable" because I think that I have given enough reasons witch determine this to be possible.

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