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cultural world view

             Growing up Hispanic has definitely influenced my culture and that of my family's. I can't remember at time when culture didn't have an affect on me. My mother and father are both Hispanic, but they come for different countries. While they share a few commonalities, the way they were raised and the culture they bestowed on my sisters and me were quite different. My father comes from Cuban decent. Now as Cuban's go, were talking about a loud and lively bunch. They embrace social gatherings (especially with family) and are very talkative, out going, and friendly. My mother comes from the Nicaragua. Nicaraguan's on the other hand are very modest and quiet people. They enjoy family gatherings and for the most part are very humble. While these cultures are both Hispanic, in some instances it seems like they"re worlds apart. However, when both cultures did combine, they did offer my siblings and I some very important values that I still hold today with my own family.
             One of the most valuable elements I gathered from my parents" cultures was that I learned to work hard. In my parents" culture, laziness was not tolerated, so from an early age I was forced to work with my dad. I remember hating the fact that I couldn't just relax in the summer like my friends did. Instead I had to go to work. Not only was it boring, but I didn't enjoy. By the time I got home, it would be too late to go out and play. However, now I look back and while I still resent the fact that I couldn't enjoy some of my summers, I do appreciate that I learned the value of working early. My parents" culture truly helped me in that area.
             When it comes to how culture has helped me deal with other people and interactions, it's not easy to say. For the most part my parent's cultures ideals on interactions were pretty much the same. I believe that I took from my parents how to deal with older people, how to respect others, and how to be polite.

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