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Australian studies

            The media has influenced the typical Australian to the extent that the perceived image has had a detrimental effect on the way in which the typical Australian is internationally portrayed. Several entertainment shows and movies, such as Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin in Crocodile Hunter, and Shame, viewed by foreign countries stereotype the typical Australian as having an unkempt appearance, and harsh, unrefined manner. For example, in the movie the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin is presented an impulsive, simple minded Australian "bloke" who is preoccupied with crocodiles. With his dramatic gestures, slang verbiage, dirty blond hair and tanned, robust frame, Steve Irwin is presented more as a comic strip rather than a serious Australian role model that children look up to. In my opinion, the media is portraying Australians in an unjust and embarrassing way, which does not accurately represent our nation's people in the modern era. .
             In both movies Shame and Crocodile Hunter, from the images predominantly displayed, it is not difficult to assume that the Australian lifestyle could be incorrectly envisaged. Watching these movies, most overseas viewers would say that an Australian is best described as an "Ocker" (a vulgar, boorish, and aggressive individual). Australia itself, from these two texts, was visualized as a harsh outback, with flat wastelands, lacking vegetation and swamped with dangerous animals such as crocodiles and snakes. .
             The incorrect image portrayed by the media has made overseas viewers believe that all Australians are some what like the typical Australian. In the text "Shame" It is obvious that the individual man was described as rapist, aggressive, tanned, who would use slang and who would wear stubby shorts, singlet, thongs and sit around the pub all day, the men also have a negative attitude towards women. The "Crocodile Hunter" describes the typical Australian as a dirty blond, robust, tough, unkempt appearance and uses slang.

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