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Eliminate Electoral College

            The nation was holding its breath during Election 2000, as the ballots were being recounted over and over again in Florida. Who was going to be our next Commander-in-Chief? How can there be a president without reflecting the popular will of the nation at large? .
             The Electoral College is an inept device created in less democratic times by our nation's founders. It has occasionally allowed a candidate receiving fewer popular votes to win an election. There have been as many as four presidential candidates who won the popular votes [as recent as 2000], but lost the election because they received fewer electoral votes. Under the Electoral College system voters vote for electors, who would then cast their votes for candidates. However, electors are not required to vote for candidates they pledged for, creating a risk of "faithless electors" in mind of voters. This has not yet seemed to be a problem that would end up changing the election results, but has occurred as many as seven times in history. A car without airbags seems to works fine until it collides. It just might be little late to get it fixed.
             In order to preserve the dignity and faith among the citizens of this nation, it would be worth amending the Electoral College. An individual citizen should cast one vote for the candidate of his or her choice. The candidate who receives the most votes nationwide would win the election. .
             This method of voting will be more accurate, determining the winner. Since, every vote will count equally towards the final total. It will eliminate the Electoral College's potential problem of a "faithless elector" betraying their party and unfairly negating the faith of thousands of voters.
             The idea behind the Electoral College was to force that required candidates to gather support from different regions of the nation in order to win the presidency. However, when one particular candidate appears to have huge lead in some states, then none of the competitive candidates has much power nor can afford to campaign much in those states.

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