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Electoral College

             Criticism as to the relevancy of the Electoral College system used in our presidential elections has been around since the creation of the system into our constitution. This criticism, however, is without true reason and common sense added into these assumptions. Most of the people who criticize, don't even have the slightest understanding of the true basis of this system and its continued use throughout the history of our nation's elections. The proposed amendment to the constitution that would eliminate the Electoral College system would cause the nation to be dependent on the popular vote system bringing problems to the election process. The Electoral College has been around since the foundation of the United States, gives added importance to minority groups in our elections, and poses less of a risk to the integrity of the election.
             The idea of the Electoral College was implicated in Article 2 Section 1 of the original Constitution of the United States of America over 200 years ago. It made it that each states electors are equal to the number of state representatives and senators within that state, which satisfied the demands of both large and small states. In over 40 presidential elections, this process has been used and brought forth many years of national unification behind one man who is elected to office. Due to the rather successful history of our country behind the electoral system, why should we risk losing this harmony over bad criticism? The statistics show that the electoral system has been effective since its creation and has given quick, and accurate results to our election for the president. Scrutiny over this system was at an all time high during the 2000 presidential election. Due to a lack of funding, the Electoral College is not given the justification for the system that would be made to fully understand the need for its existence. It even helps to protect the voice of its oppressors.

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