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Having a religion

            Historically, many Japanese had been Buddhists and very religious. In modern days, however, Japanese are known as the people indifferent to religions. Only when they attend a funeral rite do they become religious. Namely, they dont have a steady religion. This is the situation which we must feel apprehensive about. What is desired to be accepted is that all Japanese should have a religion. There are two reasons for this. .
             First, Japanese can be unreligious only because the circumstances in Japan are unusual. In Japan, it seems that religions means religious organizations. Hence, even the tenet that it is not beneficial to get involved with religions because they have more or less some dogmas in them has recently come out. Outside Japan, however, because religions are regarded as relations with what is beyond human beings and their society, the Japanese are thought to be terrible people who dont have any constraints of morality and any guiding principles in their lives when they say they do not have a religion. Some might say that we Japanese, who are irreligious, are always able to keep away from conflicts, but this assertion is already a religious one. Anyway, it must be understood that the circumstances in Japan where it is not needed to be aware of religions is discriminative. It is because the Japanese has not had to be conscious of the principles of their own behavior that they can live without being conscious of religions. However, common ethnic groups had to disambiguate their way of living in disasters such as extraordinary natural phenomenon, and under the coexistence with other ethnogenesises. It can be said that peoples who did not have to do so are happy, but when they encounter the situation where they are asked how to live, they might get panicky, and occasionally regard humans or their society as the god. Apparently, many Japanese inwardly conceive that Japan, where religions dont exist, is wonderful because religions are dogmas.

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