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Memoirs of Madame Vigee-Lebrun

            Madame Vigee-Lebrun was a painter during the time of the French Revolution. Du Barry upon occasion until Du Barry was murdered after being accused by a young Negro. Vigee-Lebrun talks about her death and how she yelled for pardon till her last breath. This confirmed her belief that " if the victims of that period of execrable memory had the noble pride of dying with fortitude- the Reign of Terror would have ended long before it did. Vigee-Lebrun wanted to return to Louveciennes to finish some works of hers, but after finding that a French aristocrat Berthier and government minister Foulon had been murdred, she became very afraid. She soon thought of nothing but leaving France. Friends of hers who " had been walking through Longchamps that morning- had seen the populace curse at people passing by in carriages " in a dreadful manner- Vigee-Lebrun was fearful of her home being overrun by the peasants of the French Revolution and she " lived in a state of continual anxiety and sadness- Her health deteriorated from her fear of the problems arising in France. She finally then decided to leave France. Right before she left her room was crowded by a group of national guardsmen with muskets whom she saw as " drunk and shabby- with " terrible faces- They told her in " the coarsest language that she must not go- She however was not afraid and one of then said she must leave and that she could not leave there. With that she left on her carriage with her daughter and was on her way to leaving France. Her husband dropped her off at the coach where she would encounter a few people that would make her uncomfortable. She met this one man whom she described as a " filthy man, who stunk like the plague- who told her he was a thief and began talking about " stringing up such and such people on lamp-posts- Vigee-Lebrun asked him to stop speaking of matters of killing in front of her daughter. She encountered another man who made " violent speeches of the most fearful kind.

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