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the pact

             The Pact is about three young boys who grow up to be men and grow through life changing events. I can honestly say that I wasn't really closely associated with any of the characters. I was brought in Haiti and a middleclass area and lived with both of my parents. I then moved to the state of Connecticut and during these times the stock market was booming so therefore our family was well taken care of by my parents. Unlike Sam, George, and Rameck my family moved into a nice decent home and did not constantly have people moving in and out of the house.
             There are many characters I am in fond of. These characters are Sam, George, and Rameck and their mothers. These boys came from nothing and turned their whole life around. They were brought up in the tough streets and no matter what they did they always were hooked to the "ghetto". If they did not stick to their plans and had done what everyone else around them were doing they would not make it nowhere and be stuck in the "hood" doing and selling drugs etc .
             I also would commend all of their mothers. They had a strong backbone that pushed them to excel no matter what even if that meant sacrificing a lot of what they had. Although Rameck's mother was a drug attic she got down to business when the report card came home. There parents could have gotten discouraged through there troubled and failed marriages and just given up and not care at all for there children, but instead they saw the potential there sons had to excel best in whatever they want to accomplish in and they pushed them to succeed. .
             I had always planned ever since I was old enough to remember attending college. This book has not really changed my mind on how I"m going to prepare on going to college. However it did open my eyes to many questions. Such as, how are you going to afford college? What college do you plan on attending? What are your majors going to be? My original planning is to go to a Christian college and major in Missionary and becoming a pastor.

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