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United States Foreign Investments

            The main purpose of this article is to review the reasons that the United States (U.) must participate in investment businesses with foreign countries. President Obama had Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and other senior administrative officials addressing international concerns over the impact of a partial government shutdown (Gangopadhyay & Ng, 2013). .
             The key questions that the author is addressing are why President Obama think foreign investors are willing to invest when they know United States government is experiencing a shutdown while exemplifying such arrogance on their part. Pritzker stated to reporters while touring in Asia that U.S. is political deadlock and jitters over its debt (Gangopadhyay & Ng, 2013). The second key question that comes to mind is why does the U.S. seem so confident about receiving foreign investment business? Pritzker told reporter during their visit to Malaysia she thinks that most investors who are considering U.S. are sophisticated and appreciate U.S. while knowing this is a temporary situation that will resolve itself for the U.S. (Gangopadhyay & Ng, 2013). In addition, Pritzker reporting to Asia that U.S. debt will not deter long-term investors from investing in the biggest world economy. President Obama also showed arrogance during a conference on CBS news as he quotes, "I was here because I want your companies to know and I want companies around the world to know that I believe there is no better place in the world to do business than the United States of America" (Kaplan, 2013). .
             The most important information in this article is how different foreign countries have stated that U.S. needs to get their budget straight or they will not be doing any business at all. Prime Minister Najib Razak warned that there would be no deal if the pact threatens its sovereignty (Gangopadhyay & Ng, 2013). Last week, the United States once again walked up to the precipice of a debt default, and once again the world wonders why any country, much less the world's largest economy, would endanger its financial reputation and thus its ability to borrow (Chinn, 2013).

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