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problem -not a problem

             Imagine a life where one gets everything one needs, go wherever one wants to go, do whatever one wishes to do and so on - exactly the life that all of us would wish for!! But for how long would one enjoy a life that has no way of making one understand what real happiness and success is? .
             It is only when one knows that it is like to be unhappy than one really appreciate the goodness of feeling healthy. It is only when one feels pain that one knows how soothing comfort can be. So the joys of life come, not only because of positive events but also because of the mixtures of good and bad.
             Nature has its own laws of life. It has a day for every night and vice-versa. Life unfolds happiness and sorrows in turn, because only this right mixture makes life worth living.
             However complex a mathematics problem may be, it definitely has a solution. Similarly, every problem that life unfolds has a way out - one simply has to discover a solution. Unfortunately people are like tea bags. They never realize their strength until they are dropped into hot water. Whether we like it or not, problems do come. There is no solution other than finding the right way out! So, we must challenge every big problem that rises before us with an optimistic feeling.
             There is a saying, "When man starts challenging his problems, the problems begin to fear him". So, it is all in our hands - whether to surrender ourselves to the problems or to face it positively. Further, problems are part of life and they can teach us many lessons. They are gifts from "God" bringing us together, so that we can handle much worse situations and help others in need.
             One should never feel upset when he is in trouble. He should go ahead and face it. One should discover the hidden capacity within him and fight the trouble. He will soon be a winner.
             Problems are a natural part of life and one should keep in mind that each problem comes with the message of success.

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