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Keeping Close to Home

             Watkins describes the deep inner struggle of leaving home to start a new chapter .
             She describes her inner self as being woven into the very fibers of her family's .
             heritage and life style. She describes the intense battle of her having to let go of her .
             family's working class lifestyle to pursue her career as a writer and go on to obtain more .
             credible and more extravagant education. As she left the bus station on her long arduous .
             journey, she thought back to her child hood where her parents thought they were making .
             her a more competent and more prepared for the world that lay out ahead of her. Which .
             in reality was useless because the very things they taught her were out of date and .
             insignificant to her lifestyle as an adult now.
             Although her instinct told her to stay home and stay close to everything she was .
             used to it was overcome by her intense desire to become an independent and successful .
             young black writer. This battle of opposing forces showed me why teenagers wish to .
             leave their parents as soon as they possibly can. I never understood why anyone would .
             want to leave the safety and protection of their mother and father. It seemed simply .
             ludicrous to leave a sure thing for something that can possibly make you fall flat on your .
             face. I suppose everyone is born with an instinct entwined in his or her hearts to be free .
             and to start a life of their own and to break out of their parent's molds and their .
             expectations of what your life should be like. I being 17 am experiencing these feelings .
             and emotions for the first time. I cant wait to leave my parents and become one with my .
             wife and start a new life. A fresh start, a turning of the page, a leaving of the old and the .
             beginning of the new.

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