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How To

             Throughout our country, there are many different ways people can go about living. The diversity in America is greater than ever. Depending on an individual's lifestyle, there are several different choices one can have when looking for a place to call home. While in the market for a place to live, it is important that one looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the community, prices, crime, and maintenance involved in living somewhere. .
             While looking for the ideal community, one must consider his/her options. The first decision to be made is whether a house or an apartment is desired. If a house is chosen, then there are a few things to look at. If the person likes to have their privacy and is not very social, it is better for them to look at a rural area to live. In a rural district, one has a lot of land as well as a lot of isolation. They do not have to worry about noisy neighbors, or homeowners associations keeping on their back. If more of a community sense is desired, than one can look at a suburban neighborhood. Such neighborhoods provide a strong sense of closeness. All of the homes are close together, and families seem to have a sense of closeness. Such events as block parties and trick or treating at Halloween time bring families of such neighborhoods closer together. .
             For those who cannot afford to live in a house or do not enjoy the work that comes along with owning one, there are apartments available to rent in both urban as well as suburban areas. Such apartments do not provide as good of a community feeling as houses do, especially urban apartments. In urban areas, it is typically businessmen, or married couples without children who work in the city. In suburban areas, there are usually more families. While the community feeling is not as strong as it would be in a home, most apartment complexes offer a public pool and playground area for their residents to meet.

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