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George Orwell

            Political science influenced George Orwell to construct many of his well-known novels. His life was greatly impacted by the government from the day of his birth.
             Born at Motihari, near Nepal, in 1903; Eric Blair's father was an agent of the Opium Department of the British Raj. Not only was Blair's father involved with the government, his grandfather was as well apart of the British Raj. So from birth, Blair was constantly being surrounded by people affected by the government. Growing up, he and his sister, Marjorie, lived life as a normal middle-class English citizen. The Blair family moved back to England when Eric was just eight years old. While living in Henly, England, his parents managed to put him through a private school in Sussex. Because Blair worked hard at preparatory school, he won a scholarship to Wellington at the age of thirteen. Blair studied extremely hard at Wellington and received another scholarship to Eton College. It was around this time that his writing career took off. He took on a love for writing, but it was difficult for Blair to learn the English literature because it was not a focal point at Eton. Due to the lack of focus at the college, Blair took it upon himself to learn the English prose. .
             The next part of Blair's life was all about government and the political world. When Blair finished college he did not win a scholarship for a university, so he signed on with the Indian Imperial Police force. However, after only five years on the force he resigned (1927). He did some work in France, but returned and opened a small village shop where he lived in 1936. At the same time, he began writing articles for magazines. It was at this time that he used the name George Orwell instead of Eric Blair. During his magazine writing days, he lived in poverty. Meeting and marring the love of his life Eileen O"Shaughnessy was Orwell's next step in life. Victor Gollancz recruited Orwell in 1936 to make a documentary on the poverty and unemployment in England.

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