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journal from 1818

             This last year has been the happiest my family and I have seen in quite some time. Our former Secretary of State, James Monroe is now President, and things are looking good. That wretched Federalist Party is now seemingly out of power for good. I"m glad that a member of the Revolutionary Generation won the presidency. I"m glad that he accepted the banking and tariff bills from when Madison was president.
             Recently, the Columbian Centinel called this the "Era of Good Feelings". I agree with them. I am not seeing the strong partisanship and factionalism I saw in the previous years, of Madison and Jefferson, Clay and Jackson. Everything is going well. My family and I still live in New England, and my job as a local factory worker is providing my family with what we need. Here in the North, tariffs are very minimal as the government wants to support a good balance of trade, for us to export more than we import. Even in the South, industry seems much better than it used to be. As Monroe said to congress, the country is now in a "Prosperous and happy condition".
             Unfortunately, now that we are in the middle of Monroe's second term, I am becoming worried at the politics at the federal level again. It seems that once again, feuds are taking place and parties are becoming strong. I hope that it doesn't last though, and that this great time in everyone's lives continues. We will have to see how the country develops from this point.

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