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Breath taker

             Snow capped mountains, fervent smells, cool breeze, thin air, gorgeous scenery, grassy valleys, and tepid colors. These phrases remind me of the time I went to Colorado and visited the Royal Gorge.
             As we loaded up the car and grabbed our pillows for the trip excitement filled my whole body and I became overjoyed. My friend Payton and I began to imagine all the possibilities we could encounter from this impactful journey to Colorado. We had our fishing gear, appliances, and snacks for the torturous drive. As we departed from home my heart started to pulse faster and faster like I was a sprinter running for the Gold in the Summer Olympics. My emotions began to run passionately as I kept thinking about how incredible the atmosphere of Colorado would probably consume me. When we arrived the vivid and vibrant surroundings caught my eye. As I was peering out the glass window I saw luscious green leaves rustling in the wind and thought would a glorious earth God has created for the world to see. The mountains had magnificent stature. The first day I went fishing with Payton. We hiked two miles through harsh terrain when we came to a lake that looked like glass. As the sun shown on the surface of the flamboyant water it looked like a crystal. I had never expected so see something so stunning. As we came home I was still keen to see more sights. So we decided to go to the Royal Gorge. As we drove through the twisting and winding roads to the entrance I became impatient and intolerant to see how splendid what the out come would really be. After I saw it my mind was filled with amazement and disbelief. The gorge captured my heart like nothing had ever done before. The whole place seemed like a dream. The structure of the gorge encompassed me.

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