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Demonstration Speech - Infant CPR

             Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to perform infant CPR and its effectiveness.
             Central Idea: Preparing parents for the worst, even when they believe it could never happen to them. CPR is simple and effective.
             I. Introduction .
             A.Attention-getter: What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night to check on your baby and you find that he or she is not breathing? Would you panic, freeze, scream for help and call 911? Or would you perform CPR on your child?.
             B. Credibility: It was two weeks after I gave birth to son that I awoke and felt in my gut that I should check on him." Half asleep, I ignored the voice, and flopped myself in the bed. However, as I laid there, I wasn't able to fall asleep. Again, I feel it in my gut to look in on him. This time without any hesitation, I proceeded to get up, turned on the light, reached over into the crib, and picked him up, only to find him blue in the face and unresponsive. I panicked and shook him, screaming and running around the house trying to wake everyone up. Then, I calmed myself down enough to begin performing CPR on him. That's what saved his life. .
             C. Preview of Points: Learning to perform the basics of infant CPR is simple and effective, and can be remembered, through these steps: "ABC". Airway, Breath, Compress.
             (Transition: Once you've checked for responsiveness, and learned there's no response, and prompted someone to call 911, you will begin with Airway.).
             II. Body.
             A. Step 1. Open the Airway. To open the airway, position your head over the baby's nose and mouth and look towards the chest. While you look, listen, and feel for breath, align the head in a neutral or slight tilt position. No breaths.
             B. Step 2. Give two Breaths. Gives two breaths, by placing your mouth over your baby's nose and mouth and give two gentle breaths. Keep your head turned towards baby's chest; watch for chest to rise. Chest don't rise.
             C. Step 3. Start chest Compressions.

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