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             In 1885 the Northwest rebellion broke out.
             The CPR was created during this time, they had a very easy.
             time of disbursing military. The Northwest rebellion may have lasted an exceptionally.
             longer time than it did. Without the CPR it to look up to three months just to get the.
             authorities to get to their destination. So the CPR saved the nation. .
             March 1885 the Northwest rebellion broke out.[page 91 horizons] The Metis.
             were at war with Canada. .
             The reasons why they were at war with Canada was because they were forced to.
             move into the Northwest and they wanted land titles for the new land. They also.
             wanted financial aid provided by the Canadian government.[page 192 horizons]. The.
             Canadian government had plans for this land they want to sell it to help pay for the.
             The federal government had to stop it as soon as possible. So they use the.
             CPR, deploying troops was much more efficient. Within10 days they had dropped off.
             over 5000 troops [handout sheet]. So they stop the rebellion extremely fast.
             A lot of people might say that the Northwest rebellion saved the CPR. However.
             if there was no CPR in the first place the rebellion may have gone through, and had.
             some serious consequences on Canada. So the CPR did in fact save the nation.
             Since the CPR was now in place, the federal government could now react.
             quickly to a crisis. Now many Canadians saw why such a transportation link was.
             necessary. The CPR got the much-needed funding and was completed in fall 1885.
             Before this time, when the CPR was created in 1885, the Canadian government.
             had a difficult time enforcing laws and the fighting battles. Especially ones that were.
             spread apart. During the Northwest rebellion they had sent troops to the places are.
             needed most, with ease. .
             The result of this, is that the rebellion was broken up far faster than it would.
             have been. The Metis might have even won and who knows what grave consequences.

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