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             It's October 26, 2001 and you"re driving on the 198 headed home. A speeding car passes you and cuts you off. You think to yourself what a jerk because two weeks prior you had just gotten a speeding ticket on that same freeway. Then suddenly the car that just cut you off loses control. His vehicle swerves and hits the center divider. You immediately pull over to the accident site. The driver of the car is not wearing his seat belt and is ejected out of the windshield. Blood is everywhere, you're in shock What can you do?.
             Even though this analogy is fake, it can happen to anyone of us. That is why I chose CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) as my process essay. The procedures of giving CPR are literally as easy as A-B-C. A Airway, B Breathing, and C Circulation. .
             Steps for A Airway: Place victim flat on his/her back on a hard surface. Shake victim at the shoulders and shout "are you okay?" If no response, call 911 then, proceed with the head-tilt/chin lift- open victims" airway by tilting their head back with one hand while lifting up their chin with you other hand.
             Steps for B Breathing: Position your cheek close to the victims nose and mouth, look toward victims chest and look listen and feel for breathing. (five seconds) If not breathing, pinch victim's nose closed and give two full breaths into victim's mouth. You can use a microsheild if you have one available. A microrsheild is a plastic covering you place over the victim mouth. If breaths won't go in, reposition head and try again to give breaths. If still blocked, perform abdominal thrusts (heimlich maneuver). If you must give the heimlich maneuver stand behind the victim. Place your arms around their waist (above the navel below victims breast bone) give two firm thrusts. Victim should cough and show signs of breathing. If not try again, and wait for EMT (emergency medical technician) .
             Steps for C Circulation: Check for carotid pulse by feeling for 5-10 seconds at side of victim's neck.

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