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Green Computing

            What is green computing and how it could be efficient and profitable?.
             When we hear the term "green living" many of us think of the outdoors-trees, mountains and laws. In fact, green living can start indoors by recycling, finding new and creative uses for old items and trying to save the energy. Most of us would never think that computers could be involved in "green living". Nowadays the computers are one of the fastest-growing electricity loads in the business. Computers will soon be the most prevalent electronic device on our planet. They will become a part of almost every facet of our lives. With the growing use of computers we must also have a growing understanding of how their use affects our environment. Computers could help us to conserve resources but they presently are causing an increase in our consumption of resources such as electricity and paper.
             Green computing involves reducing the electricity and environmental waste while using a computer. By following the green computing ideology we can conserve energy and avoid environmental and financial costs. To reduce the environmental impact of computing we could simply add a few habits to our daily activities. First of all to save the energy, turn off computers and other related equipment when we are not using them. Most of the time we are too lazy to turn off our equipment so we simply let it run overnight or for the most of the day. We should try to plan our computer-related activities so we can do them all at once, keeping the computer off at other times. The screen savers also use lots of energy so the best way is to turn off the monitor when we are not looking at it.
             Green computing is not just about saving energy. When talking about green computing we are also concerned about saving trees. When the computers first took over our lives the predictions about the paperless office were wrong. Today we are consuming more paper than ever.

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