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Colonial Attitudes

            As many Englishmen began to settle into the New World, their attitudes began changing. American society differed from that in Europe causing much of this. The new colonist soon became much more ambitious and self-sufficient. .
             Availability of cheap land enabled majority to own some property. This helped to increase the chances of the ambitious to create better standards for themselves. It allowed them to believe opportunities of an improved life seem endless. Because rough life of the frontier was challenging, the settlers came to experience a different type of living. They each became much more self-sufficient. An independent sense gave them the feeling of freedom. The new governments being formed allowed for the colonist to discover new powers unheard of in England. As a result, local affairs, such as the enforcement of laws, were in the hands of the colonist themselves. .
             These characteristics of the Americans then are still prevalent in our country today. Although the impressions of social position and being wealthy have changed, there are still many with the same ambitions of those before. We all still look for those great opportunities and also find ourselves in immense searches for them. Independence has now been turned into a word that defines a stronger person. Life is something that many Americans find produce much happiness. With their self-sufficiency, they are seen as highly respected people. Though tradition is something we still follow the many different cultures that now exist constantly allow for a slow change that betters our community. .
             The ruthless determination of the colonist permitted the American society to become what it is today. The changing attitudes of the settlers into the New World helped to open doors for new traditions that followed. The discovery and growth of democratic ideals and self-government presented the settlers with new ideas of what life should be.

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