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             The definition of the word disclosure is a disclosing or being disclosed. To disclose is to bring into view or to uncover. As a part of the different steps of relationships disclosure is when a person, or persons reveal parts of their lives or emotions that they would not know about each other unless told by each other. In the movie LoneStar there were several different disclosures shared between the characters that were an important part of the movie. I will be discussing four of the disclosures that I thought were the most important and the consequences that happened because of them. When Private Johnson told Colonial Del Payne why she was in the army, why he had made colonial, and why she thought they let blacks in. The night Sam Deeds told Pilar Cruz why he had really come back to Rio County. In Big O's when Otis Payne and Hollis told Sam Deeds what really happened to Charlie Wade. Last, When Sam Deeds told Pilar Cruz that they were half brother and sister.
             When Private Johnson shared her views of the army with Colonial Payne she opened herself up to him even though he was her commanding officer. The reason she was in his office was because her drug test had come up positive. When he asked her what her job was she stated her job was to follow orders and do what they tell you. He then asked a rhetorical question of why she had not included serving her country. I do not think she included that because she did not feel like it was her country. In the end of the questioning it became about ethnic background. The reason she joined the army was because she felt it was one of the best offers they gave, and the only reason they let them in was because they were indispensable. They being whites and them being blacks. I think this was an important part of the movie because it changed the Colonial's mind and attitude throughout the rest of the movie. Because the interview experienced honest breadth and depth of communication Private Johnson probably got of, and Colonial Payne's poor attitude changed toward his son and his father.

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