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Lonestar: Not Just Another Steakhouse

            Lonestar: Not Just Another Steakhouse.
             Lonestar is considered a steakhouse, which is probably why I had never been to this particular restaurant. I generally do not patronize this type of restaurant because I do not care for steak. Usually this type of restaurant, limits their options on the menu for those who do not care for steak. I generally will choose a restaurant with a more diverse menu selection such as Diamond River, Real Seafood Company, or Sam B's. But to my surprise Lonestar is not just another steakhouse.
             When dining out the most significant thing I consider is the service. If I dine at a restaurant and the service was impeccable I am apt to revisit that establishment. Upon evaluating an establishment, the cleanliness and the concern for detail are involved in my decision about dining at a restaurant. The menu selection, the quality of the food and presentation is what I consider to be third on my mental list of things I reflect on when choosing a restaurant. Next is the atmosphere or the environment. Do I feel comfortable in the setting or do I feel the need to eat and leave right away? And lastly is the cost or value of the service and product I received; if the overall meal and service was wonderful I do not mind paying for an indulging night at dinner. .
             The service at Lonestar was adequate but not impressive by any means. Upon arriving at the restaurant the host was particularly polite and gracious with accommodating our seating request. My guest and I chose the smoking section and when the host seated us we requested something a bit more private and he was very gracious about arranging the request for us. We were seated in a comfortable, cozy corner for two and the host was courteous enough to remove the extra chairs from the table. Our server's name was Jen. She was polite but I feel she could have been more gracious. Because she seemed to rush us throughout the meal as if she was near the end of her shift and wanted to leave.

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