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Shakespeare on screen

            "Shakespeare on screen has gradually become part of the establishment, reflecting its growing academic respectability".
             As time passed, and the world develops like sand thru an hr glass it's true to say that film has revolutionized the world through time. As a modern audience we must be mindful of the society and time in which Shakespeare wrote his classical plays which is still today been used in English literacy at the higher levels of education. We can acknowledge that film in today's society are more respectable than in earlier times, acting as a medium that easily feeds Shakespearean texts and universal themes to mass audiences. Like the respectability gained by some recent proliferation of appropriated Shakespearean texts. Particularly in the film "Romeo and Juliet" composed by Australian director Baz Lurham. Where it attracted not only just older more mature audiences but rather a wider range of teenagers through its change in context and style but still keeping the original theme of love tragedy with a modernized outlook. What I"m suggesting here is that Shakespeare on screen has successfully crept within the literary canon. In the studied text Shakespeare text the taming of the shrew one of the earliest of Shakespeare's romantic comedies, audiences witness universal theme such as gender relationships, family relationships and love. However it is disguise and deceit which I would be discussing today. Been appropriated in the modern teen pic 10 things I hate about you directed by Gil Junger.
             Even though through time many aspects of human nature have changed, one aspect that has remained is the mask in which society bring upon ourselves. We have all somehow become experts at hiding ourselves from others and putting on a mask in order to gain what we all desire. Such as love and achieving success. Our insecurities have over taken our judgement and decision causing us to conceal ourselves or to escape certain confrontations or disappointments.

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