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Alexander the Great

             "To do something a man cannot do is what a god is considered." These were words spoken by Alexander the Great. He must be referring to himself, because Alexander was a god to many people. He was a man like no other, who could do things other humans could not even imagine. Alexander achieved three impossible tasks, and completed them like they were easy. Alexander had a great passion for Greek culture, and he spread the culture around the world. Alexander took revenge on the Persians for what they did to the Greeks. He also conquered the known world using his exceptional military skills. Therefore, Alexander, the great military leader, deserves the title "The Great".
             Ever since Alexander was young, he always had a passion for Greek culture. One of his goals was to spread Greek culture throughout the world. At a young age, Alexander was taught all bout the culture from Aristotle. Alexander's first task was to spread the Greek ways to the Persians. After he conquered them, he taught them all about, and made sure they knew all about the Greek culture. Alexander used this same technique on all the cities he conquered. This spread of Greek culture helped develop the Hellenistic age. Ideas, language, and culture were spread to non-Greeks. In conclusion, Alexander fulfilled his goal of spreading Greek culture.
             Alexander was a very brave man, and used his bravery on his conquest to conquer the known world. Alexander tried to emulate Achilles, a fearless warrior. Many believe Alexander was a reincarnation of this legendary hero, Achilles. Alexander was willing to lead his army in battle when his own life was at risk. Alexander knew his conquest of the world was difficult, but that didn't stop this fearless warrior, no matter how bad the conditions became. When Alexander was shot by an arrow and badly wounded, he did not stop; he insisted on returning to his army to make sure they went on. Also, Alexander did not back down against the Persians, even though there army was two times the size of his, he still defeated.

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