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Affirmative- Cell Phones

            An announcement comes over the speaker saying that the after school club you've been waiting to join is holding an after school meeting. You wish to call your gaurdian and plan a new ride, but you can't use the schools phone due to long distance charges. What do you do? This is just one of many good reasons why I think cell phones should be allowed in schools. .
             A parent could have an emergency of family death or personal harm, and you never know because the schools phone number is not in easy access on your parent. You are left without knowing this major mishap within your family, due to the fact that you are at school without contact. Students should be able to have the proper oppurtunitys to keep communications with their parents while at school. Imagine how you would feel if your grandmother had passed away, and you were the last in the family to know this sorrowful toll?.
             Another reason students should be permitted cell phones in schools is because hard to memorize phone numbers and sometimes even calanders and simple calculators are kept in phones. These can be easy tools to help students keep up with appointments and get emergencey telephone numbers that may be needed for school administrators. Cell phones are also a lot easier to carry around than planners or gargantuan sized notebooks!.
             Furthermore, cell phones should be allowed in schools because sometimes there is that extra five minutes of class to spare, and the whole class is a rowdy intermezzo of talking and ruckus! The class would be rather occupied if they had snake, or ball pop easily accessed to them to keep them entertained before the bell rang. .
             I believe there would be no problem with cell phones at school as long as the proper procedures were taken, such as silent modes on phones, and them not being allowed out during a class lesson unless absolute emergencey. I think that allowing cell phones in schools would be for the better.

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