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critical thinking

             Maria, an instructor of interpersonal skills for managers, has had three sessions with a particular organization. She was told that Neil has not been able to keep a team together for more than three months at a time. She notices that, in her workshops, he lounges with a bored expression and reads the sports pages while she is speaking. She concludes his arrogance and hostility are hurting his performance. She writes him a memo about his behaviors (reading, looking bored, not bothering to contribute and the negative effect it has on the group). She asks him to eliminate these behaviors because she believes his power and prestige will grow.
             1. Assumptions: Maria is assuming that by writing a memo to Neil that he will decide to clean up his act. She feels that bringing his arrogance and hostility to his attention will open his eyes as to what is taking place. She feels that once he is made aware of his issues he will be able to overcome them and become more successful in job responsibilities.
             2. Validating the assumptions: The memo will make Neil aware of the problems that his poor management qualities are creating. Maria has observed Neil not paying attention to her during the management training sessions. .
             3. Other alternatives: Neil's lack of interest is hurting the organization; maybe it would be in the company's best interest it would be better to replace Neil. Maria could offer one on one support sessions with Neil. Allow Neil to work with a manager who has a team that has had a history of proven success.

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