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Food Personality

            A food item that best describes my personality would be an orange. An orange is sometimes sour or sweet depending on the season. This can relate on my moods sometimes. My mood is usually fine but I can get upset really quickly if someone irritates me or insults me. In other words I am sensitive. Also like an orange that has a layer protecting itself, I am very protective. If someone talks bad about me, my family, my friends, or about anyone I know that doesn't deserve it, I will protect them and stick up for them and let them know the person know that they should take back what they said or implied. I don't like to hear bad things about people who I know are great people or well-respected because I am a positive person. I want only good things to happen. .
             Another thing about an orange is the orange peel covers the inner fruit. I am a shy person and like the orange peel it kind of shields me from people, but this isn't really what I want only what happens. I have been always been an introvert all my life. I am trying to become more out-going but I guess the orange peel on me is too thick to break through presently. I think I am kind of protective in the fact that I want to make sure that I surround myself with intelligent and respected people. Once you peel the orange, you can get inside of me and we can become great friends. .
             Lastly the orange represents being a refreshing and energizing refreshing fruit. I am cool-minded and always energized. I am sometimes too enthusiastic to do some things and this can be annoying, however that's a good thing because I can become very boring. in addition, the inside of the orange contains lots of juice and this can be compared to my knowledge I hold. I have a passion for knowledge and this shows that I am a studious person.
             In summary, I think that the orange would be probably the best food item that can describe me and my personality.

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