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Ancient Greek fashions

             Ancient Greek's wore clothing so simple nor a designer or tailor was needed, although the styles are classified as the most elegant styles that human beings have ever made. .
             A common style worn, was a Chiton. A chiton was a loose tunic worn by that of women, men, and children. It was made by woven linen or wool. The length of the chiton was very important, as different sexes must have different lengths. Women wore chitons down to their ankles, or sometimes longer and were sometimes dyed or patterned In colour. While the men wore theirs above the knee and was neither its natural colour nor bleached white.
             Worn over the Chiton was a himation, which is a woolen garment that is worn by being draped on the body, round the waist, over a shoulder, under the opposite arm and then back over the same shoulder. It was only proper to wear your himation properly, or others would think of you as low class.
             Clothes were washed by the laundry man, or fuller, who would use substances such as nitre, potash, or aluminum salt. These materials were made into a paste, which was applied, to the dirty material and left to dry. When the paste was dry, it was crumbled and the remains brushed with a wire toothed comb or brush. After this process, the material is washed in clear water.
             Clothing was made by hand. The clothing is either made in a workshop or by a farmer and his wife. If they didn't own any sheep, they would wear clothes of soft leather.
             As of the long treatment of preparing wool for clothing, it was often quite expensive.
             Prior to the expense of clothing, clothing would often be stolen.
             In houses, the Greeks were often bare footed, but sandals were worn on the street. Those from the country would wear boots and poorer people would wear wooden-soled flippers. Shoes were made by a cobbler, who would make the shoes by order.
             The Greek men admired long shaped beards, and the women experimented with hairstyles, and were fond of wearing jewellery.

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