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china's one child act

             China's One Child Policy: Anomaly or Necessity?.
             In 1979, after years of encouraging reproduction, the Chinese government implemented a policy known today is the one-child policy. The policy has at times been praised as an effective tool for ensuring that China will be able to continue to support its large population and at times stood as a tool for human rights abuses and female infanticide. though I belive that this one child policy creates a more better world for everyone.
             People who support the one-child policy point to figures that show that the policy has reduced China's population by 250 milion. Also, education is very expensive in China, so the one-child policy allows families to concentrate their resources on one child, which leads to higher standards of education. Furthermore, women, especially urban women, are now able to concentrate on their careers instead of raising lots of children. This has led to an increased role for women in the workforce.
             Which brings up my next topic, the number of men is thought to outnumber women in China by more than 60 million. The average ratio is about 138 males for every 100 females. Some people worry what will happen when these "extra" males can't find females to marry. In addition, the one-child policy has led to the rise of the so-called "little emperors" - only children who are spoiled, since their parents and grandparents have fewer people on whom to spread their largesse. Studies have shown that these children are less interested in tradition than their elders and feel compeled to quickly carve out a niche for themseves in society. The Chinese goverment has been forced to start parenting classes and family clinics to deal with this issue.
             Furthermore, there were some 426 million people living in China. today the population is about 1.2 bilion. About twothirds of this 900 million increase was added within the last 50 years. In another word, the population has tripled since the People's Republic of China was grounded.

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