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             Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Pedophilia is a diagnosis applicable to only a portion of individuals who sexually abuse children. Information has been drawn from published research about pedophilia to present the current state of knowledge. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder that is not curable but is treatable by psychiatric care and/or medication. The progression of the sexual abuse (pedophilia) is usually a gradual progression. Children who have been sexually abused by a pedophile may have different functional disorders. .
             Introduction .
             The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of pedophilia, the responsibilities of physicians, profiles of the victims, treatment and treatment outcomes. First, a description of pedophilia and the underlying causes of the sexual abuse will be discussed. Next by the responsibilities of physicians to their adolescent patients. Followed by what type of children do pedophiles seek to pray on. Finally the types of treatment and treatment outcomes for pedophiles are discussed in detail. .
             Review of Literature.
             Overview of Pedophilia.
             Pedophilia should be distinguished from other terms that may be applied to behavior involving sex with minors but are not equivalent constructs. The essential feature of pedophilia is that an individual is exclusively, or in part sexually attracted toward prepubescent children (Glaser, 1998).
             The word pedophilia comes from a term "pedophilia erotica" which literally means the erotic love of children. The perpetrator is required to be at least 16 years old and at least 5 years older than their victim or victims (Glaser, 1998). .
             Terms such as "child sexual abuse", "incest", "child molestation" and "pederasty" are not equivalent to pedophilia. Terms that denote sex with minors are criminal actions; pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children and is a psychiatric disorder.

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