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Reflecting on My Relationships

            Relationships are defined as "an emotional connection between people" it provides opportunity for people to develop emotionally, physically, intellectually and psychologically which in turn becomes the greater outcome of realization and understanding of who they and others are. A relationship implies a future and assumes a past. Love in its broad sense is the feeling of strong attraction, and often attachment and protection. It is felt towards other individuals, towards pets, towards inanimate objects, towards abstractions, religious matters, hobbies, and nearly everything, love is multifaceted and intervenes with relationships. .
             Entering into a relationship reconfigure my interests and resources in several ways. My interests changed with my interaction with others in revealing new interests of which I had not been aware. Most importantly above all interest is that I began to develop an interest in the relationship itself, thus creating everlasting bonds.
             A family is not something that you are born into but rather a relationship that you learn to develop with people that have the willingness to grant you eternal love and care. There are no other relationships I cherish more then the one I have with my family merely because when the world turns its back on me, and reality seems difficulty and hostile, my family will be the one to bring me back up. I learned to never be embarrassed by my family because by dropping down to the pressures of society is to be embarrassed by my history, my traditions and cultures. My family taught me to love, to be grateful, to believe, and to trust.
             The relationship between my family and I is what became the foundation to individuals outside. I learn to recognize a friendship as opposed to a relationship that is based on reputation and popularity. This being the reason that I appreciate my friends because they acknowledge me as who I am, and through those challenges and barriers, their encouragement and belief keeps me strong.

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