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            In Canada, Family life is changing dramatically.
             parent homes and women have a place in the working world. Things aren't like they.
             used to be with single incomes; usually the man of the house bringing it in, and the.
             women playing the role of child giver and care. Women also used to be responsible of.
             cooking meals, house cleaning, and maintenance; involving sowing torn clothes, and.
             making sure everything was in order. Today, things are changing so rapidly that roles.
             are being altered and understanding of roles is unknown at times. This has increased.
             the divorce rate, and the amount of single parent homes. Children need an influence.
             during there growth years, if both parents are active in the work force than Child Care.
             Programs in Canada are a good choice for reliable care and structure. .
             Canadian Child Care programs give small communities a place where they can.
             leave children during there days work. Child Care is essential for the children of the.
             busy two income families these days. In this study the focus is based on the quality of.
             Child Care programs and the quality of children that are graduates from this sort of.
             care. This focus will come from a personal experience of what goes on at a small.
             community Daycare, and the lessons taught there. Another necessary point that this.
             study will relate to is the standards that the Canadian and Provincial governments have.
             issued to getting the best out of these programs. Another insight will be the importance.
             of Child Care in today's working world. OAC RELIGIOUS STUDIES.
             Child Care Practitioners work with one of today's most vulnerable groups, young.
             children. The quality of the interactions between young children and the people that.
             care for them has a very significant impact on children's lives. The potential of the.
             relationship is determined by the commitment by the child care practitioner and the.

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