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            There are many types of drugs in today's society. Some are beneficial to society, such as medication, other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin are harmful to society. In America, these drugs are becoming more and more accessible by the public each year. The three main reasons why the public is getting access to these drugs are because of The Mexican and South American Organizations shipping them over, a lot of distributors of these drugs in America and not enough security on America's borders to prevent the drugs from coming in. These are the reasons why America is getting infested with drugs and why more and more people are using them every day.
             The U.S Customs Service estimates that, in 1990 alone, nearly eight hundred tons of cocaine entered the U.S from South American nations such as Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. These criminal groups smuggle illegal drugs into the U.S in a variety of ways, including land routes through Mexico, maritime routes along Mexico's east and west coasts, sea routes through the Caribbean, and international air corridors. Colombia ranks number one in the world for producing cocaine and other harmful drugs, accounting for 75% of the world's cocaine. In Colombia there are 50,900 hectares of coca, 2180 hectares of opium poppy and 5000 hectares of marijuana. Law enforcement and intelligence community sources estimate 65 percent of the cocaine shipped to the United States moves through the Central America-Mexico corridor, primarily by vessels operating in the eastern Pacific. These drugs then get distributed to major U.S cities such as, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. There are many ways of transporting drugs to the U.S such as by large capacity cargo airplanes, jets, ships, specially designed vessels and vehicles on land. The South American drug connection has attracted many other countries in producing and trafficking drugs.

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