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medical malpractice

            As Carver initiates the short story, "So Much Water So Close to Home" a tone of emotional disbelieve and tension is immediately presented. Carver uses this tone to provide the reader with a dramatic entrance and transition into the situation facing the married couple. As the story commenced, Carver focused on his views on gender. The modern society and culture has placed boundaries between women and men. It was very interesting, when Carver changed how we depict "typical" feminine and masculine characteristics. Claire toke a more masculine figure when Carver wrote, "I slap him before I realize. I raised my hand, wait a fraction of a second, and then slap his cheek hard (282). Carver contradicted what society thought about the action female could perform. Throughout the story Stuart, Claire husband, took a more feminine figure by being more passionate and remorseful to his wife. Also Carver intelligently uses structure and organization to provide an interesting psychological understanding of the details provided. As the story begins the narration consists of mainly dialog, rather than character introduction, which strengthens the reader's confusion. As the story progress, as Claire emotional distress increases the mood intensifies. The emotions Clair sense are cold and cruel For example, I move to straighten his tie, then drop my hand. He wants to kiss me goodbye. I move back a step. Have a nice day then, he says finally. He turns and goes down the walk to his car (527). Throughout the story Carver utilizes literary devises such as narrative point of view to clarify his theme. In the story Claire is in first person, thus we sense every emotions and anger she feels. Through every tense moment Claire describes her husband's action or her response to those actions. Carver extensively emphasized on the gender issue and shows how he contradicts the "typical" view of feminine and masculine characteristic.

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