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proposal for war

            Killingly another human is a tragic and unethical way of life in American society. We all feel that everyone is created equal regardless of their culture, race, and ethnic background. However, like in the scripture of the Bible it was stated that thou shall not kill; this poses an intriguing question. Why would God state thou shall not kill and order disciples such as David to destroy sinful cities. He order disciples to destroy sinful cities because they were evil and no good. This brings us to the present were Iraq is not only evil but is up to no good were he is planning terror and nuclear warfare against us. This is a serious and crucial moment in history that may come to an end if the American government don't act accordingly. Are you a person who would risk your life along with your children and millions of precious lives over a guest. Wouldn't you better feel safe then sorry? If not you all are people who promitt and invite terrorist into out country as they did on September eleventh. You all have the nerve to be so cocky and say let's not go to war to protect your own grounds. When people were killed on Sept eleventh under the same grounds when we didn't act first and ignored clues that were given to us that would have prevent the tragic occurrence. Please let's not make that same mistake. It is not just you all's decision it's all of ours decision. We need to come together to protect each other and our land. We need to not make decision on what we feel is right but make decision that is actually right. If you all have any respect for the citizen in this country you will give me the respect of hearing why we should go to war with Iraq before making your decision. .

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